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Haq Mojood (Truth prevails). Welcome to HMSWA Hadi Mehdi Social Welfare Association. Our mission is to serve people without all forms of discrimination and favoritism; provide opportunities, skills, and assistance to unprivileged, disadvantaged, and vulnerable people. This is exactly as teachings of our Sufi culture.

We strive to ensure that we reach people who need the assistance most in health, education, technical, and vocational skills along with interest-free monetary assistance to empower people so that they can live a quality life fulfilling their dreams.

Whether you are a truth seeker, social worker, intellect, or visitor, please feel free to contact or visit us.

Again, welcome to HMSWA.

Syed Samar Ali Jahania

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Recent Causes

HMSWA aims to reach the most vulnerable and at-risk groups to identify their urgent needs during emergency response. While the calamity struck areas being scattered and hard to reach during interminable with the increased scale of extended Monsoon rains. The team made its efforts to assess the needs on a priority basis to raise funds and mobilize internal resources on time. Program teams with their widespread and ready-to-respond volunteer network conducted a Rapid Need Assessment (RNA) in four Union Councils (UCs) of Taluka Sobhodero, District Khairpur Mir’s. The findings of the assessment revealed that a vast area and a more significant part of infrastructure including houses were fully or partially damaged during the first three days. The loss of livelihoods including agriculture, livestock, and daily wages were among the underpinning reasons for affected communities’ overall devastation and affected disproportionately. The assessment results further inform that a large percentage of people in need had identified food, shelter, and health-related provisions on an urgent basis. The findings have also been supportive of mobilizing resources internally and deciding on emergency relief and response timely. In the intervening time, the organization is also planning for the recovery and rehabilitation phase of emergency response in the target areas and has made an appeal to the Government, INGOs, NGOs, and local philanthropy to donate generously and support the ongoing and planned activities by scaling-up outreach.
HMSWA has been able to reach 328 families (September 10, 2022) by providing rations and mosquito nets through mobilizing internal resources and with the support of the Pakistan Army. The efforts have benefited more than 2296 individuals including the elderly, women, children, and persons with disability.
HMSWA stands with flood-affected communities in the wake of health-related emergency provisions. Emergency health needs have been a great concern for the affected population. The post-rain scenario has exacerbated the risk of waterborne diseases, skin diseases, Malaria, and high-grade fever. The majority of communities have difficulty accessing health facilities along with medicine provision. In this regard, HMSWA collaborated with Rotary Club Khairpur Bhittai and has organized a one-day Free Medical Camp at Union Council Sagyoun of Taluka Sobhodero. A team of qualified doctors including ENT, SKIN, CARDIOLOGY, and GASTROLOGY specialists responded to the community’s emergency health needs by treating more than 700 patients including men, women, and children, and provided free medicines.

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