Message from Patron

Dear readers!

Haq Mojood (Truth prevail). Welcome to HMSWA Hadi Mehdi Social Welfare Association.  Our mission is to serve people without all forms of discrimination and favoritism; provide opportunities,  skills and assistance to  unprevliged, disadvantaged and vulnerable people.  This is exactly as teachings of our Sufi culture.

We strive to ensure that we reach people who need the assistance most in health,  education, technical and vocational skills along with interest free monetary assistance to empower people that they can live a quality life fulfilling their dreams.

Whether you are a truth seeker, social worker, intellect or a visitor, please feel free to contact or visit us.

Again, welcome to HMSWA.

Syed Samar Ali Jahania

Who are We?

HMSWA is an organization comprising of people from all fields of life, party of professionals and experts who have proved their metal in their field of professional excellence. HMSWA team leading with Sufi saints and youth members committed to deliver the national cause. The forum comprises of the scholars, Seasoned ex bureaucrats, doctors, IT professional, tele media personals, social advocators, lawyers, businessmen, executives, engineers and people from every walk of like join hand with singular aim to serve the humanity and contribute in the social development. HMSWA recognize the need to time and work in the field of social development through capacity building and skills. HMSWA believes in the horizontal distribution of right, he right of education, health, prosperity and growth, it also provides assistance to other organizations for mutual deliverance and advocacy. Moreover, HMSWA through initiating social action programs and opportunities provides connect with governments, local non-governmental organizations / forums, international non-governmental organizations, academia, donors and corporate sector to nurture common cause and sustained growth.

HMSWA is a forum comprising of core think tank as pivot and to argument our social penetration we have potent teams of social mobilizers, work force and commitment and deliverance. We as an organization are making our dedicated efforts to create the social partners and creating social models on human development and provide with the basic right of living i.e. right of education, right of ease of living, right of employment and right of prosperity. We along with our partners work on the social module which enable them to enlarge their economic and social footprint, increasing monetary and non-monetary benefits, by providing connected solutions and services to communities by reducing costs in operations, avoiding ineffective replication and learning from each other’s mistakes and success stories. We are committed to build a society with mobilized social efforts and created success stories through development of cottage models and enabling women empowerment, thus making the sustainable units in the society.

HMSWA respect the mandate of united nation and work above all the social, ethnic, religious, sectarian, racial and class divide. We are human, joining hands using our minds and work for the cause, and charter our services for the prosperity and development of humanity. We as a nongovernmental organization are striving to bridge the gaps in the society and creating a model of governmental, social and corporate collaboration model to provide the even distribution of prosperity in the society and develop the giving base of the society. We as a national NGO are piloting various social empowerment and awareness models especially in the field of education and human development and replicating the model for international propagation.

HMSWA Disquietude

The world is out of many block and many theories, currently it is the world of technology, economics and industrial scenario, the man advent from the hunting tools and transformed into lethality and dominance. The race to brilliance has articulated humanity into the world where technology is everything the nations are judged by their ranking in the database for every order of life. Pakistan since its existence is country faced the challenges of existence, country with the population of about 210 million people presents strong growth potentials, a country with strong doctrine and metal tested through the time for its commitment and affirmation to the social integration. We today are the nation with about 53% of youth population, strong agricultural support, having the blessing of all color, shades, texture and heritage, a country with natural resources, minerals and every input model still facing the menace of poverty, deprivation.

Despite all the blessings our nation is standing is the crossroad of prosperity and disaster. With huge potentials of human resources, strong base provided by the nature, geographical location and layout still face the challenges, which no nation can even consider to have in this short span of our history. Survived out of the menace of terrorism today we are at the juncture to decide the way forward, at a stance, the indicators of Pakistan for human and organizational growth index are very low in the world thus providing the evident factors reducing the countries competitiveness include Enabling Environment. The factors are human development (130th  out of 141countries), Safety and Security (138th  out of 141 countries), Health and Hygiene (102nd  out of 141 countries), Human Resource and Labour Market (138th  out of 141 countries), Travel and Tourism Policy and Enabling Conditions (123rd  out of 141 countries), Prioritization of Travel and Tourism by Government (120th  out of 141 countries). Similarly, there is a low ranking in Environmental Sustainability (141st out of 141 countries) and Infrastructure (107th out of 141 countries).

This might give hopeless view to all those we are in zone of comfort, but HMSWA view it with an opportunity to contribute and make this a cause for its determination. We have the vision and affirmation to the fact to bridge between government, society and corporate sector and build a block for the prosperous future of the country. Sectors

Our quest to knit the social fiber the unit of the society is our center of emphases, in our believe of creating a sustainable society the core of our attention is the singular house, thereby we put our metal in the human development and empowerment of the families and giving them the right resort to benevolence. In the efforts the sectors so identified by the HMSWA are

  • Human development through skills
  • Women empowerment
  • Sustainable development
  • Education and food security
  • Special Education support
  • Moral and ethical grooming
  • Social coherence and tolerance
  • Environment protection

HMSWA Projects

Here are some projects by us

My uniform project

The project is a support project to the government commitment for the right of education of children. The national obligation in light of the international and constitutional binding is a limiting factor in presenting the progressive face. Pakistan is facing a strong challenge in the field of education, where about one third of the children are out of schools and about 60 % of the governmental schools are deprive of the basic facilities. Though it’s a governmental obligation but the social action is missing overtly, HMSWA evaluated the crises and derived the deduction for the crises and being party to the solution resolved a program for the sustainable program where the education of children is being ensured through empowerment of the families and provide women empowerment program though provision of school uniforms. The program if implemented has self-sustaining model and not only will give the prosperity to the family but also ensure the governmental commitment for resolving to free education of the children. The model upon successful implementation will provide a broad base of jobs and business opportunities through evolution source generation and will bring prosperity to families and ensure education support of children.

Education through Recycling

Education through recycling is a unique project within its own kind; it is project based on environmental sustenance, recycling of waste material and employing it into useful product and ultimately solve the long outstanding challenge of education support. The projects upon successful launching and development has a self-sustaining capability and huge potential for corporate and social integration, plus it is a human development model which can create thousands of job direct, indirect and induced jobs in the field of printing, paper recycling, copy making, plastic and fiber recycling, pre-casting/ injection molding and iron molding and furniture making. In addition, it will create jobs in the field of solar industry including water purification and reverse osmosis, solarization and alternate energy skills, the model supports following segment.

  • Recycling of paper (my school bag Program)
  • School upgradation through recycling
  • Solar as source of educational prosperity

HMSWA special children

Special children of our society are the pearls require more polishing and care, unfortunately there is very little work being done to augment the efforts for education of special children, HMSWA have group of self-driven volunteers who are working for the cause of educating special children. Special education being a difficult task require extra efforts and care, the sources require are obviously expansive and sophisticated equipment. We are sponsoring the project in the field of special education in Karachi and Sukkur districts and have commitment to expand it to other parts of country and give the special children a platform to contribute in the national development and solidarity.

HMSWA Rozgar Support Program

This is a program where HMSWA resorts to expand the support base and attain sustainability to its program by arranging business opportunities to the skilled persons, through this program micro financing of the skilled and literate individual will be done to become entrepreneur and business starter. Collaborating with the businesses HMSWA will create a business bank and aims at creating job business every week in the field of services and technology. HMSWA is parting with the industrialist, promote the efforts of BICs and ORICs of the universities, give them the opportunity for the research and development program, and launch their model in the serve of humanity. In this regard, there are few initiatives already in process and are ready to launch.

  • Water management through technology – through these program farmers can capitalize on water sources and save about 60% of their water during irrigation, through the technological based irrigation system.
  • Modern farming trends. A program which can give rise to agricultural development through ready to launch projects and support farmers by improving the crop productivity to about 30% more than existing rate with nearly half of the efforts as of today.
  • Solar agriculture support program. This is a project of optimizing on the solar potentials starting from solar pumps to irrigation, plant protection and customization to preserve the potential of soil.
  • IT support program. This is a program based on the technological development and training the volunteers in the field of engineering, computer, mobile and equipment. This project ponder on learning of skill for hardware and software and provide with finances through self-generation model.